Friday, September 5, 2008

Cisco Router Show Commands

View version informationshow version0
View current configuration (DRAM)
show running-config

View startup configuration (NVRAM)
show startup-config

Show IOS file and flash space
show flash

Shows all logs that the router has in its memory
show log

View the interface status of interface e0
show interface e0

Overview all interfaces on the routershow ip interfaces brief

View type of serial cable on s0
show controllers 0 (note the space between the 's' and the '0')
Display a summary of connected cdp devicesshow cdp neighbor

Display detailed information on all devicesshow cdp entry *
Display current routing protocols
show ip protocols

Display IP routing table
show ip route

Display access lists, this includes the number of displayed matches
show access-lists
Check the router can see the ISDN switchshow isdn status

Check a Frame Relay PVC connections
show frame-relay pvc
show lmi traffic stats
show frame-relay lmi
Display the frame inverse ARP table
show frame-relay map

Display for see Serial and FastEthernet up or not
show interface summary

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